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You Can Help

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in maintaining this property. Activities will be guided by a Steering Committee.





Contact any of the Steering Committee members. They're always looking for volunteers to help with everything from brush clearing to just enjoying the Park. 

  • Clip away underbrush;
  • Spread chips on paths; Clear areas of roots so that new plantings can be put in; Use chain saws to cut away small trees; Work as masons to restore the pergola and pond; Work as carpenters to restore the pergola; and Build wooden walkways over swampy areas.
  • Make permanent trail signs!




Linda Davis takes center stage on cleanup!

     Monitary Contributions for:

  • Poison ivy spraying
  • Chipping of branches and trees.

  • You can donate money to: Freinds of Prospect Park, Inc. PO Box 52 Shrewsbury, MA 01545




Dawn Shannon and Ralph Perkins cover over years of graffiti!

  • Picnic tables;
  • Benches




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To learn more about Friends of Prospect Park, Contact Dorothy Perkins

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